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10 July 2004 @ 09:30 pm
No lj-cut because I want you to read what I want to tell you. And this is an open-entry, show this to my friends who doesn't have a lj. (If you are my friend, I'm sure you know who I mean)

As inevitable the tomorrow's sunrise, my departure tomorrow is also inevitable. I might have confused some people through my misunderstanding. I claimed that I am going to Uzbekistan yesterday, well. It is true, except I did not leave the states yet. I was at LA, with our brother church and preparing ourselves by praying, studying russian language, and rules and rules. Because of those rules, my mullet hairdo will be gone, I won't be bringing my digital camera, nor have the grandpa's watch (the one I purchased with his money which was his final present), and most important posession of mine... My dearly loved mp3 player. The reason? We are going on a missionary trip, and we are going to be looking approriate, at same time, exactly prepared to live the ways they are, such as no electric stuff, no fancy brand-name clothes, and no money. We're going in as a 'rural' style. So therefore without any of my electronic possessions, I'm pretty much as well as a dead guy. Also I have lost my mullet hairdo, which I valued and tried to let it grow. However I believe that Lord knows my struggle and sacrifices, and as his books of wisdom (bible) claims, there will be a reward, and I hope my reward would be the good one. Speaking of struggles, I am quite living an interesting hours now. This trip was inspired and prepared by hearing people, so of course, 99% of participants are hearings, with only I, being deaf. Also they have not met deaf, except for 4 representatives from my church who also came with me, so they are pretty awkward onn how to talk to me and stuff. As usual, I didn't understood them since they spoke too fast, regardless the language they chose. After last night and this morning, I became more frustrated and decided to ask my counselor, Charles and he helped me by waiving me from choir stuff, and observe the group, and sometimes join the body motion worship (which uses body motions to praise the Lord, that I can do), and do the thing I usually like to do... Write in my journal. I brought a handy notebook to make notes and entries for trip, so I may be able to write up an article for newspaper and update online journal with my trip experience. Charles also agreed to be my notetaker, so anytime there are meetings, or worship nor anything, he will make a note from that meeting so I won't be missing anything important. Before talking to Charles, I wasn't able to know anything what were going on unless I asked my friend, who usually summarizes the 30-min lectures into one or two sentences. Now with a notetaker, I believe my days after today will be benefitting now. Until now, I was a dove in the crowd of raven, and it wasn't easy to immerge myself to them. I hope this trip also help me and my shyness toward hearing people. Now about this trip, let me describe what is all this about. As I said before, it is a missionary with simple goal, to spread the christianity at the destination we go, regardless the risks. On this trip, the risks I face are death. That's right, death. Apparently middle east does not welcome americans because of the fight against terrorist or whatsoever. That is one of reasons we are stopping by Korea - to disguise ourselves. I wonder how can they "slip" the passport thing... Anyways, we are saying that we are the representatives from some LA community service center, which it actually exist. So after getting in after white lie, we will worship and preach to spread christianity for 14 days, in private. If you turn to the biblical movie, "Quo Vadis", you'll have better idea of how we are doing and what kind of risks we are under. I think I covered everything I wanted to say, and after this entry, there would be no more from me until I come back. I leave tomorrow night, so I still have time to read the comments if you can kindly leave, with any encouragement, disagreement, scold, prayers, confession (lol), or anything, I'll be sure to read them all before I go tomorrow. Ah, speaking of sacrifice, I just havr recently lost an ebay auction, which featured several merchadises of mandy moore which were mostly out of print, and inaccesibility to internet and low coverage for my sidekick has made it impossible for me to continue bidding, and I'm rather a huge sad person, for I was really excited to win those merchadise. However like I said, Lord knows what I am giving up, the welfare, the luxury, and THAT AUCTION WHICH I WANTED TO WIN (pardon the caps), and I hope Lord will be able to reward me with something greater. Now I have finally done what I wanted to say, and all now I have to do is await for your comments and let time pass till it is time to depart. I bid you farewell and may God bless you. I'm still reachable at masterdk@tmail.com until tomorrow night. Keep me company if you could. Thank you.

10 February 2004 @ 10:57 pm

warning for all of us, AIM users.

hence this entry'll be public.
30 December 2003 @ 04:33 pm
Sidekick Address

AIM: DK on Sidekick
Email: masterdk@tmail.com
Phone: 510-396-4727 (text me)

and yes, daekun@wyndtell.com is still operating, as well.
02 November 1984 @ 09:30 pm
Welcome to
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